October 2, 2022

What is Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)? Everything you need to know..

The origin of the pearl milk tea as the bubble tea is also called is a funny history as the perfection of the tea emanated from just a trial. It all started in the 1980’s

What is bubble tea? the name sounds very interesting, because in all sincerity, it actually is interesting. Not just because of the bubble that comes with the name but the details and the skills that was put into making this tea come alive. The bubble tea is like a juice with a thousand flavors, you never can get enough. Talking about enough, the bubble tea has served the world enough but the demand for it never stops increasing. 

The origin of the pearl milk tea as the bubble tea (Boba Tea) is also called is a funny history as the perfection of the tea emanated from just a trial. It all started in the 1980’s, when the founder Liu Han-Chieh got inspired on a travel on seeing cold tea being served in Japan, this was just the beginning. It further developed in 1988 during a meeting with Liu Han-Chieh’s staff, Lin Hui discovered the tea on just a trial and error basis during a meeting, it had become boring to her at some point at which, out of boredom,  she felt like mixing her Taiwanese dessert with her tea, this little decision gave birth to what we know as the bubble tea today .  More she drank it the more she liked the taste of it, she passed it round to other colleagues, and just like that, it became a brand on its own, amassing popularity through the years.


  • Enhances Metabolism

The Tapioca balls, the major ingredient of the bubble tea consists entirely of starchy carbohydrates which in addition to the sugary contents of the tea gives a boost to one’s energy. Even healthier versions with less sugar and lower calories count still provide the much needed energy to kick start one’s day.

  • Easy to Digest

The main constituents of the bubble tea, Tapioca and sugar are popularly gentle on the stomach and have been found to be easier to digest than flours emanating from nuts or grains. Sugars are mostly from natural ingredients that can be readily processed by our metabolism. Physicians sometimes recommend Tapioca as a better source of calories for people with irritable bowel conditions and other symptoms relating to digestive disorders.

  • Supports weight gain

People generally want to lose weight but for people looking to gain some weight quickly, having a treat of bubble tea improves a person’s likelihood of gaining weight and if you consume a healthier version, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds found in the tea may offset the risk of adverse effects from consuming too much cholesterol.

  • Great Source of Calcium

Calcium is a crucial mineral for strong bones and teeth, it also supports blood clotting and a range of other bodily functions. Bubble tea contains high calcium content as an average cup of bubble tea provides about 250 grams of calcium which is a large Percent of one’s daily dietary needs. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, people lose calcium each day through wastes excretions from the body and the body cannot replace the depleted calcium levels without dietary supplementation.

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