October 2, 2022

Things you need to know about green tea

The credibility of green tea has spread across the continent like wildfire!

As simple as the name green tea sounds, its popularity is brewing across the world that even non-tea drinkers are keen to know about it. By now you are probably wondering why you should also be interested, well, here are some few details. 

Origin of green tea

Emanated from Asia, China, to be precise, and it is no news how China’s traditional medicines have proven effective over the centuries. The credibility of green tea has spread across the continent like a wildfire not only in China but also across India, South America, even the United States, to mention a few. Camellia Sinensis Tea Plant is the main ingredient of the tea as it is made of the plant’s leaves. The leaves and other parts of this plant are also used in making other teas like white tea, black tea, and so on, but the difference is in the process.

Health benefits of green tea

  • It improves brain function and protects the brain

Not only used to stay awake and remain active, but it also enhances brain functions. This is so because one of its main ingredients is caffeine, and as proven by research, caffeine enhances brain vigilance, activeness and helps with a good memory. Not only does it enhance the functions of the brain, but it also protects the brain from some diseases like; Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • You want to lose your weight; then green tea is your go-to guy

It has always been said that it is easier to add weight and harder to lose. But with the green tea, the complexity in slimming down has been reduced. As it helps aid digestion in the body by increasing the rate of metabolism. Since the rate of metabolism is increased, the fats in the body are burned faster, thus leading to reduced weight. 

  • Might just be preventing cancer

The “might” in the context does not mean there are no known facts to back this up; it just means it is not an actual cure for cancer. Talking about facts, the NCI (National Cancer Institute) gave a report on how green tea works on cancer. A meta-analysis on several animals was carried out, and the studies proved that the spread of tumors is prevented with the intake of green tea. 

  • It gives a lot of benefits to diabetic patients 

A diabetic patient will most likely be aware of green tea as they advised to drink them daily, and the advice comes from professionals. This means that green tea is no joke to those with high blood sugar. Going by the research carried out by the Diabetes and Metabolism Journal, the risk of developing diabetes (type II) is reduced by 33% if six cups of the tea are taken daily.

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