October 2, 2022

The significance of lemon tea for your health

The taste that comes is so wonderful that a lot of people cannot resist drinking it

A lemon tea is prepared by using green tea or black tea and adding the right amount of lemon juice in it. When lemon juice gets added to tea, it changes the color. The effect is called bathochromic shift that changes the taste of the tea as well. The taste that comes is so wonderful that a lot of people cannot resist drinking it.

Origin of Lemon Tea

It has been around for many years. Yet, its use and advantages became more pronounced in recent years. Also because since health concerns are on the rise, in this regard lemon tea is found to be good towards health in many ways.

Health benefits of Lemon Tea

  • Beneficial for digestion:

When the tea is taken on an empty stomach every morning, it helps in digestion. What occurs is that the tea increases acid product in stomach and bile secretion. This helps towards proper breakdown of food materials for better absorption of nutrients. Moreover, the acidic content of lemon tea reduces the symptoms of bloating, heartburn and indigestion. The best advantage is that it lessens the onset of infections in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Bioflavonoid Quercetin

Known for potent antioxidant properties, Quercetin is a flavoid in nature. It comprises of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effects. Research has shown that being phytochemical compound it can prevent or alleviate symptoms of many ailments. It can combat cancer signs in the body by removing damaging free radicals. Lemon is rich in Quercetin in this regard. Moreover, Quercetin thwarts formation of LDL cholesterol.

  • Detoxification

On drinking tea, many toxins removed from the body. Toxins get accumulated in the body due to absorption of pollutants through skin from the environment or respiratory tract. After absorption, toxins hamper bodily functions. Not only does the tea remove toxins, it tremendously improves the mood of the person. Additionally, the tea removes fatigue and assists in brain and nervous system functioning.


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