October 1, 2022

Recipe For a Home made Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)

A recipe you should try out at home

Try this quick home made bubble tea recipe
  • One tea bag (of your preference)
  • ½ cup of Tapioca pearls
  • ¼ cup of milk (or alternatives)
  • ½ cup of sugar (or alternatives)
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Bring 1 cup of water to a boil and pour into a cup.
  • Add the tea bag of your preference and remove the bag after 2-3 minutes
  • Also bring ½ cup of water to boiling temperature.
  • Once boiled, pour into a bowl and pour ½ cup of sugar in it and let it dissolve and cool for 15 minutes
  • Add 2 cups of water to a saucepan and allow to a boil.
  • Add the Tapioca pearls and stir until they start floating. Let it cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the Tapioca pearls are ready, remove them from the water and put them in a bowl.
  • Once both mixtures are cool, add the Tapioca Pearls into the syrup.
  • Pour the tea into a tall glass along with the Tapioca pearl mix.
  • Add ¼ cup of milk for a creamy texture.
  • Add ice cubes or shaved ice and stir.
  • Voila, enjoy your home made bubble tea (Boba Tea)!
Home Made Bubble Tea
Home Made Bubble Tea


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